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The most anticipated evening came and after I had completed my day’s task, I called her and she told me she would be at the hotel in 30 minutes. I was eager to meet this girl. I told her the room number then decided to take a shower before the escort I arrived. I left the door slightly open so that she could just come in incase she arrived while I was in the shower.

I heard a knock on the door when I was still in the shower and I knew it was her. She didn’t knock the second time, but I felt her foot steps. She came straight into the shower and got me naked. I wiped the water off my face to have a good look at her and there stood a tall, curvy, smooth skinned Thai girl. She looked better than in the photos. I was shocked and couldn’t utter a word. Linda asked if she could join me and I said yes with no hesitation.

I had met a number of Kuala Lumpur escorts but this one was different. The prostitute had so much courage and she was confident. The call girl undressed right in front of me and got into the shower. The water was just right and so was her body temperature. We got closer, skin to skin and she stretched her hands to rub my back. Her perfectly shaped tits wobbled on my chest and my erection was harder than the rock. Linda felt it and went down to give me a blow job. I switched off the shower and all you could now hear were chocks and sucks. It was so intense, something I had never experienced before. I couldn’t hold my cum anymore and so I released in her mouth. She laughed and asked me whether I was ready for more. I said yes and I knew that the evening was going to be awesome.